Soundblab talks with Tuff Love about Resort "[It's] like the family burial plot...."

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SB: Hearing all your music together in a compilation makes sense. It's like the songs have been re-united as a family?
Yes, Resort is like the family burial plot where all the EPs finally go to rest. Or the final show that all the songs come out of retirement for - one last hurrah. It's nice to hear the songs all together because you get a sense of progression I think.
SB: There's a natural ebullience about your music, as there was with bands like Belly and The Breeders. The mix of sweet harmonies with just enough edginess to stop it imploding into indie mush. In recent times bands like Joanna Gruesome and Honeyblood are doing the same. What are your influences ?
We like all the bands you mentioned. We like pop music, happy music and sad music, sometimes even irritating music. REM, Weezer, Throwing Muses, Marnie Stern, Die Antwoord. Hard to know what's actually made it into our songs though. 
SB: So, where from here? I can't imagine you morphing from that fuzzy indie into some kind of art-rock combo ?
I suppose we'll write some songs and then find out. I wouldn't mind if it turned out to be something that could be perceived as art rock, but it would more likely be art pop, and most likely it will just be pop. But more so.

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