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"I have some insane ideas in my head"

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Sun Glitters is the alias of Luxembourg-based Victor Ferreira, who’s made a splash over the last few years with his trippy, ambient sounds; syrup-thick synth-scapes which summon images of late-summer heat and lengthening shadows. His new album, Scattered into Light, has just been released and finds him branching out into folktronica and vocal-led tracks thanks to his collaboration with singer Italian singer Sara Cappai. Soundblab caught up with him to talk about music, art and life.

Hi Victor, your new album, Scattered into Light, is about to be released. How are you feeling?

I'm really happy with the result of this album which took me, like, a year to finish. There were lots of obstacles in-between and at the end Sara was like sunshine who helped me to finalise it. So now I'm really excited to share it with all my fans and hopefully new fans! Already got some great feedback and that's great for a beginning!

Do you still design the covers to your releases?

Yes, it's very important for me to find the right mood of my pictures for being melded with my music! I'm not against collaboration at all, but it's more difficult than collaborating with sounds. With today's technology, I'm able to make pictures and do some designs with an iPhone at any moment. I know photographers would be not agree with me and I totally understand that. But the thing is that in that way I can catch a right moment and a visual idea at any moment.

What inspires you visually and are art and photography things you work on away from music?

It can be anything. As long it fits the well with my sounds or mood. I like to mix pictures, use this double exposure effect. Sometimes there are such beautiful results coming out. Sometimes some unexpected (ones). I also wish I could shot photos directly with my eyes!

Is Luxembourg a good place to be a musician? Are there music scenes there?

Yes, why not? I'm still leaving here and still happy. I'm in the middle of the heart of Europe with lots of possibilities to travel all around the world. But of course, we are a very small country and it's being growing slowly in that way. But now we have some great organisations who are doing a hard but great job in trying to export music made in Luxembourg, like for example Music: LX.

We have a small but great music scene here as well. People are still more into rock and mainstream music, but the electronic scene is growing as well in a good way I think. We have for sure some great artists who could be in the same situation like me without thoughts.

Has there been a progression of the Sun Glitters sound on your new album?

Yes definitely! I learned a lot these last two years by playing lots of shows and making remixes. I discussed and shared a lot ideas with other artists as well. All these things were very important to achieve my new album. And, of course, like I told you before, Sara is also a big reason for that. I remember I was trying to find a way to finalise some tracks and when the vocals came in it completely changed the aspect of the songs and became easier to finish them.

What are your musical inspirations? What about non-musical inspirations?

My musical inspirations can be lots of things. Like my everyday life, my family, children, listening to music, looking at people, taking pictures or making some graphic designs. It's just a moment that I have to feel it. And non-musical inspiration is being stressed even if sometimes it can bring some interesting results as well. Being tired!

Do you have a method for making a track eg, start with the beat first?

Not really… Sometimes it can be just a melody or sample and sometimes just starting with a beat. It really depends. But my favourite one is to find a great melody or sample and start to build an atmosphere around it.

How long on average does it take to make a track and how do you know when it’s finished?

It can go fast but it's more finalising a track which takes me more time. For example, I can finish a track in one day but then I'm listening to this track for like a week or more. In that way, I can feel the track or not. By listening a track lots of times I can hear some sounds in my head and build new ideas to add on it. I really like that way of producing tracks. But it's important that the basis of the track is finished at the same moment I started to produce this track to catch the right mood for it.

What music are you loving right now?

There is a lot… But really enjoyed the last My Bloody Valentine album, Gold Panda, I Break Horses, Boards of Canada, Jon Hopkins, and… and… and… Maybe the reunion of Slowdive will also bring a new album! There are also lots of artists who share their music with me now and that's great too. I really appreciate their trust in me and (that they) wanted to know my thoughts about their productions.

Are you planning on touring again?

Yes, of course! I think it's the best way to promote a new album, share this moment with my fans, catch new fans and of course continue to evolve!

What does the future hold for Sun Glitters?

I'm really happy with the situation, to be honest. It's growing and growing in a good way and not really stress. As an active guy, I like to produce new sounds etc. It's a good way to evolve. I also want to build a great team around my project to help me out in every aspect as well.

That's maybe the hardest part of the game. I have also some other insane ideas in my head but I want to keep them just for me for the moment! 

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