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Goldfrapp split fan opinion with Head First

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Head Strong

No sooner had Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory packed up the psychedelic circus tent of 2008's Seventh Tree then the rumour mill began grinding once more about where Goldfrapp will venture next in their quest for musical diversity. Some had hoped that they'd be returning to their Black Cherry and Supernature days and deliver dancefloor-friendly boogie-'em-ups; Heaven knows that sold records, and Alison has the lungs for it. Despite the thousands of hopeful nostalgics already flooding the forums with requests for another hike up Felt Mountain, and all our hypothesising, we just don't know.

What we do know, however, is that it will be called Head First, and it is slated for release on March 23 2010. However, dear readers, the interesting rumour that they would be venturing into Italo-disco territory, in common with other groups such as Glass Candy, appears be true: 'Rocket', the album's first single, has recently appeared on the Australian iTunes store and is steeped in Italo-disco nostalgia. Judging by some of the posts on, it has split the fan opinion very unevenly indeed. Some quite like the 80s kitsch feel to it; others have gone as far as to compare it to Olivia Newton-John's 'Physical', and not very fondly, either. Another track, entitled 'Believer', has since leaked onto the internet, and garnered a few more slightly favourable opinions from die-hard 'frapp fans - although, the chorus makes it sound like it could be all too easily covered by that wailing banshee Florence + the Machine, and no-one would even notice. This certainly is not a return to Black Cherry or Supernature, as many speculated when they learned that the synth was definitely taking precedence once more. If you can say one thing about Goldfrapp maybe it's that their dogged refusal to retread old ground is admirable.

Those hoping for a return to the orchestral melodramatics of the fantastic debut Felt Mountain were left disappointed upon the release of Seventh Tree back in early 2008. While simmering the beats down to a soothing throb and replacing the discotheque with the great outdoors proved a beautifully psychedelic recipe, many were still left in want of the harpsichord and the theremin in place of the humble acoustic guitar and synth keyboard.

On a separate note, fans of Goldfrapp may also want to check out the movie Nowhere Boy, a biopic on the early teen life of Beatle John Lennon, with Alison and Will penning the score to the movie. Goldfrapp have also recently finished collaborating with Christina Aguilera for her upcoming album.

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