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Andy Brown- Albums of the Year 2015

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It’s easy to be cynical about a lot of things but music shouldn’t be one of them. Don’t let anyone tell you that there isn’t any ‘decent’ music around, 2015 has been crammed full of incredible albums. Who needs nostalgia and longing for the ‘good old days’ when there’s albums by Shit ‘n’ Shine, Jenny Hval and Grey Hairs to be enjoyed? So let your hair down, put your feet up and have a look through a small selection of some of my personal favourites….

The Membranes- Dark Matter/Dark Energy

Dark Matter/Dark Energy is a deeply impressive album; just under 70 minutes of cosmically inclined post-punk that explores life, the universe and everything with thrilling results. It’s a comeback album as hair-raising as the last three Swans records and a visceral artistic statement. They're fucking great live too.  

Jenny Hval- Apocalypse, girl

Experimental song-craft filtered through hazy electronics, trip-hop indebted beats and some of the most intelligent and thought provoking lyrics you’re likely to hear anywhere this year. Apocalypse, girl grows on you gradually, seeping into your unconsciousness and becoming absolutely indispensable in the process.

Johnny Dowd - That’s Your Wife on the Back of My Horse

That’s Your Wife on the Back of my Horse is an album of outsider rock ‘n’ roll concerning sex, death, sunglasses and the devil. Pitch black humour and Lou Reed cool, Dowd delivers a wicked treat for your twisted soul. An immensely underrated talent.  

Sunn0))) - Kannon

Kannon sees Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson deliver the year’s most intense record; satanic chanting, overwhelming noise and an impressively oppressive atmosphere. After recording Soused with the mighty Scott Walker there was always going to be interest in where Sunn0))) went next, Kannon sees them stick valiantly to their doomy guns while also creating one of their most satisfying works to date.

Shit & Shine - 54 Synth Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral

An industrial nightmare that sounds like the Butthole Surfers reincarnated as evil disco robots. Shit & Shine has made a tonne of eccentric and down-right insane albums over the years, this is an ideal chance to jump on the crazy train and immerse your mind in their terrifying world of noise and fun. 

The Wave Pictures - Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon

The brilliantly named Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon sees The Wave Pictures join forces with Billy Childish and deliver an album of raw yet charming rock ‘n’ roll thrills and spills. Songs about girls complemented by surreal imagery and two Creedence Clearwater Revival covers. There’s a playful innocence and enthusiasm here that draws you in again and again.

King Midas Sound/ Fennesz - Edition 1

I first heard Kevin Martin through his dubstep/hip-hop/dancehall project The Bug, including his collaborations with everyone from Dylan Carlson, Flowdan and Death Grips. King Midas Sound is the blissed out flip-side to The Bugs sonic assault with hazy dub and woozy drones creating one of the years most immersive records.

Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat - The Most Important Place in the World

Aidan Moffat remains one of the country’s finest lyricists and, if anything, only seems to improve with age. This is the second collaborative album between Moffat and jazz musician Bill Wells and sees the duo deliver more beautiful tales of heartbreak and life in the city. 

Grey Hairs - Colossal Downer

Recalling the punkier side to grunge as well as the genre's spiritual forefathers (The Wipers et al) Colossal Downer is a noise-rock record that knows its history. Plus, ‘Creepy’ sounds like the offspring of ‘Seven Nation Army’ and ‘Lithium’. Exciting stuff from the ever reliable Gringo Records.

Darren Hayman - Chants for Socialists

An album that saw Hayman set about translating the words of Socialist activist William Morris, turning a 19th century pamphlet into a set of quietly beautiful songs. An album of defiance and hope in increasingly troubled times. Its message of people power and unity feels absolutely essential. 

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Our musical tastes have much in common Andy. There's a couple there I haven't heard, Wave Pictures and Grey Hairs. Will have a listen. Happy New Year !

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That Membranes album is great. Never put it in my ten and regret it big time. They came and played a gig for me just before xmas and were brilliant.

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Yes, they were bloody fantastic at the Brudenell. Shook Robb's hand while he was on stage. Legend!

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Ha, yes I realised after compiling the list that you'd reviewed most of them! Happy New Year

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John Robb was a good bloke to interview. Old school, no nonsense and a smart guy

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