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Jim Harris - Albums of the Year 2015

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My iPhone has been drinking… not me, not me… No, but really. What stays on my iPhone (64gig) throughout the year and what I don’t plan on removing any time soon tells me what is in my top 10 this year.

10 - Imaginary People – Dead Letterbox

I’m a sucker for storytellers and these are stories wrapped around post-punk electronica and occasionally high-flying guitars. The lead singer sounds a lot like David Byrne and I’m okay with that.

9 - Monk Parker – How the Spark Loves the Tinder

One of maybe three albums in this list I have no valid reason for playing so much but this dense, pretentious collection of slow moving songs end up racking up the plays on my 6s.

8 - Hierophants – Parallax Error

Everyone needs this group on their player.  Campy, amateurish song structures cleverly executed just like those occasional bands in the past like B-52s, Devo, etc.  And they rock out better and still keep getting played on my player.

7 - Torres – Sprinter

Torres is an attractive young lady who reminds me of that special college girl you could only get in the sack if you first touched the bottoms of your feet together while twisting pinkies under a harvest moon while reciting ‘Father’ by Sylvia Plath (As Patti Smith played on the tiny speaker)(You know who you are, Ms. Tenure Track mother fucker…).  But it’s all worth it.  A lot of the same musicians that made P.J. Harvey famous way back when in New York back her overly sensitive songs and I chose this over Courtney Barnett’s strong album simply because I listen to it more.

6 - Hooton Tennis Club – Highest Point in Cliff Town

I don’t know if this is slacker-rock or smart-ass rock or what but the deadpan vocals and clever story telling reminds me of another band I oft mention from the 90s Fountains of Wayne.  They have a slacker post punk structure and I love the hell out of this one.

5 - Kodiak Deathbeds – Kodiak Deathbeds

Another one not quite sure why I listen to it so much.  The angelic voice, the simple guitars, it somehow strikes me as listenable over and over again however.  They may be an album or two away from brilliance (Or oblivion) but I listen to it all the time.

4 - The Twilight Sad - Oran Mor Session

This Scottish band I always felt took themselves too fucking serious when they started in 2007.  I still appreciate their dense layers of noise and such, but kind of fall asleep listening to it.  This one however should not even be on this list, but that heavily-Scottish voice and sparse guitars show that, through all the covers of noise, they are a compelling and maybe even brilliant band.

3 - New Order – Music Complete

Ok, kiss my ass.  You know how when you toss a stuffed animal into the crib of a baby and 30 years later the smelly ratty mangy washcloth of a stuffed animal is still atop the bed?  Well, so many years ago, as a youngster Low-Life was played on my turntable…A top five album of mine of all time.  Sumner and Company haven’t really returned to form, but really just returned to relevancy again.  When REM lost their drummer their music went to shit.  When an electronic band loses their keyboard player they produce insipid goth-based bad music.  This is a New Order album that should have come out in the early 90s.  I play the hell out of it.

2 - Sufjan Stevens – Carrie and Lowell

Right now, as I sit here, songs from his 12 album collection of Christmas Songs are playing in the house.  He’s a dark, morose, mousy-voiced borderline psychotic genius of a musician whose music I worship.  This is his best album yet.

And the winner in 2015 is….

Ought - Sun Coming Down

They are the cherry on top of a brilliant year of music if you follow the greatest online rock magazine in the world…Soundblab.

They are to me the new Lou Reed.  He passed and the ghost of him is channeling deadpan poetics and noisy, grungy, sloppy guitars through Ought.  This is their second album and though denser, faster, and even edgier, it is also pure unadulterated rock and roll at its very finest.  Long Live Ought!  Long live Soundblab.com!

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Thanks Jim. Some good choices there, I'm trying to do my top 10 now, it's so hard.

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I know. What has been delightful has been so many surprises this year.

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You can be a really funny bastard Jim ! Long live your writing. I love the choices (especially Ought). Can''t stand Sufjan Stevens I find him really irritating

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The Twilight Sad was a beautiful album. Not far off my Top 10.

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