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They Might Be Giants Quarterly Report #3

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I find myself inconsolable that this is the penultimate batch of They Might Be Giants songs for the entire year, but, then again, think about any other band that's ever done this before. I do that, then I feel shame at my yearning, then, finally, I quiet.

Even though about half of this third quarter has focused on tracks from their upcoming kids album, Why?*, the Johns have done an excellent job of not inundating fans with kids' stuff by leaning hard on juxtaposition; the perfect-for-a-TMBG-children's-album "I Am Invisible" is slotted between the weird, untold story of "The Velvet Ape" and the recreation of original DAS track "Rock Club" (replete with huge, rock club drums), and the tracks from the end of August through the middle of September taste like a nightmare and Fluff™ sandwich with the Cat In The Hat feel of "I Made A Mess" sitting next to the glitched-out sweat of "Why Did I Do To You?" next to "Definition of Good" and "Trouble Awful Devil Evil", which might be two of the best tracks of the year for different reasons.

All this to say that, not only has the quality not gone down, but that the songs seem to be improving, so much so that I might have switched a few tracks from Glean out with some of these later Dial-A-Song tracks. 

So, thirteen more weeks, thirteen more tracks, and then...? Hm. Can one experience band withdrawal?

If you want to be there as it happens, sign up for Dial-A-Song Direct, visit Dial-A-Song dot com, or, if you're one of those 'Phoner types, call (844) 387-6962 every Tuesday for yet another brand new They Might Be Giants song.

* Out November 27.

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