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They Might Be Giants Quarterly Report #2

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It's truly horrifying to think that 2015 is halfway over, and even more so when one realizes that that means there are only 26 more brand new They Might Be Giants tracks on the horizon. But Time marches on, and we are naught but the earth, trodden beneath Its myriad feet.

While the majority of the first batch of DAS releases ended up as their 17th studio album, Glean, the next batch has been an odd catchall of stuff; a few tracks that were clearly meant for the album but ended up as b-side type things, like the fantastically They Might Be Giants-esque 'ECNALUBMA'; the folksy and oddly endearing (yet still somewhat inaccessible) 'Impossibly New'; the blippy, 80s future-dream of 'Sold My Mind to the Kremlin'; some covers (including a dark and scathing rendition of Destiny's Child's 'Bills, Bills, Bills'), and a taste of their upcoming kids album ('Hello Mrs. Wheelyke' and 'Thinking Machine'). The star of this second quarter, though, has to be 'Summer Breeze', a work-in-progress from the band's original Dial-a-Song phone machine that has finally, after 20 years, been reinvented and released to the world.

In the coming weeks, look for more bits of They Might Be Giants' upcoming kids album, a few more original Dial-a-Song recreations, and a hefty sampling of sonic insanity. Follow along with Dial-a-Song Direct, Dial-a-Song dot com or, if you have no computer and someone is reading this to you, you can call Dial-a-Song at (844) 387-6962. One brand new song, every Tuesday, until the end of the year.  

Here's my list of the top three bonus tracks from Dial-a-Song Direct.* 

1. '

This might be the best, most honest sentiment about the release of a new album I've ever heard.

2. 'Name'
Although recycled from their podcast a few years back, it's a very solid b-side. Wavy.

3. 'I Wasn't Listening'
Perfectly in sync with the feel of Dial-a-Song, this sums the whole thing up in one, catchy, pastiche-y jingle.

* Along with those aforementioned 52 original tracks, every other Friday (or whenever Flansburgh decides to, honestly) subscribers get a bonus track. There's some weird stuff in this hopper, people.

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