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November Release Round-Up

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November inevitably sees the year's release schedule start winding down. However, for discerning music fans, this was a month of strong releases and a few surprises. The big release of the month (and for many, the key one of the year) was of course Reflektor by Arcade Fire, but there were strong returns also from Anna Calvi, Polica and Best Coast.

Aside from that, though, many of this month's releases neatly divided into two trends. Firstly, there was rock with a capital 'rwar!' It came in many different varieties: the full-on metal onslaught of Pelican; the firebrand punk of Future of the Left; the electro-tinged tantrums of Sleigh Bells; the psych-fuzz of Bardo Pond.

The other trend was for something more unusual, such as the forced marriage of folk, electronica and industrial sounds found on Walk the Distance by Clara Hill, Teeth of the Sea's unlikely fusion of Kraftwerk and doom-rock on Master, or Boardwalk's wispy and ethereal debut. All signs that a healthy year for new music is going to go out strong. 

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