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December Release Round-Up

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December, inevitably, is a quiet month for music. Aside from the annual, always ludicrous, always over-hyped battle for the UK Christmas number one (in which the interest of the genuine music fan extends only as far as a fervent hope that this year's X Factor winner is denied the top slot). But there were still some great and notable releases at the arse end of 2012.

First, a couple of eye-catching returns from Scott Walker and erstwhile OutKast rapper Big Boi, whose music styles couldn't be further apart, were warmly greeted by fans, while Green Day completed their trilogy of albums with !Tre!. Also back in the limelight were much-loved post-punk group Mission of Burma, who released Learn How: The Essential Mission of Burma, and one of the original practitioners of chillwave, Memory Tapes. December is also a good time for new bands to grab some press without competition, and that certainly held true for San Cisco, 'space folk' band Maia, and experimental pianist Nils Frahm, who all garnered positive reviews for their releases.

Surely the big news in indie circles, however, was the release of the first new Pulp material since 2002. 'After You', released as a gift for fans who attended their recent homecoming gig in Sheffield, is a truly excellent work of indie-dancefloor genius. We can only hope Jarvis and co go back on their word and give us a new album of new material. Go on Jarv, that would make the perfect present for Christmas 2013...

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