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January Release Round-Up

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Who says January is grim, grey and desolate? Well, anyone who's taken a look out the bloody window, I guess. But not so in the world of music, as we've seen an unusually busy month here at Fortress Soundblab, our hooded, chipped minions virtually run ragged trying to meet their review quota and accrue enough food chips to escape malnutrition.

It's been a month of notable releases in all genres, from current indie darlings Django Django, Howler and The Maccabees to a comeback from elder statesmen Guided By Voices. If you need to keep moving to fight the cold, The 2 Bears provided the perfect house-plus-whatever soundtrack, while Sun Glitters delivered some lovely chill-out vibes for when that frost-induced coma finally sneaks up on you. Meanwhile, if it's weird noise that gets your gander up, Gonjasufi, Islet, and Trailer Trash Traceys proved that if the world does end in 2012, at least we'll be able to make an appropriately apocalyptic mixtape for those final days.

All in all, a very promising start to the year. So what have you been listening to this month?

If you're looking for something to buy, here's a list of just some of the albums released in January, click one to read the full review:

Django Django
The 2 Bears
Sun Glitters
Guided By Voices
First Aid Kit
The Big Pink
Cloud Nothings
Nada Surf
The Maccabees

Trailer Trash Traceys
Lana Del Rey

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This month I have been mostly listening to the brilliant new Earth album (Angels of Darkness, Demons of light II), which is released soon...which is nice....

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Trailer Trash Traceys, Islet and Rhyton are my favourites from January. A surprisingly good month for what is normally very quiet.

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My favourite is The 2 Bears. Much needed dose of sunshine in this gray, depressing month!

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January is my favourite month, it's as far away from Christmas as you can get.

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