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'Don't Look Now' Arrives on Blu-Ray

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Nic Roeg's chilling 1973 drama arrives on Blu-Ray for the first time this week. We assess whether it's worth around 20 of your hard-earned pounds.

When their young daughter is drowned, John and Laura Baxter (Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie) return to Veniceto to help get over the tragedy. There, they meet two elderly sisters who claim to be in communication with the dead girl. While Laura is keen, John is distracted by visions of a girl wandering the city dressed in a red cape. Something isn't quite right.

Often revered as a masterpiece in certain quarters, the fact that Don't Look Now hasn't aged badly in nearly 40 years is to its credit. Certainly a high point for all concerned, Roeg's clever use of camera and non-linear editing structure means we're never sure what to believe on the screen. Much as Inception has done recently, Roeg's films plays with perceptions of what's real and what's not as Sutherland delves deeper into the meaning of mysterious hooded figure.

As the grieving couple, both he and Christie convey their despair with suitably polished yet subtle performances. The infamous 'real' sex scene mid way through - often touted as one of the most sincere and erotic ever to hit the screen - shows the tenderness that's keeping this couple together in spite of such tragedy. However, it's in the film's more cryptic second half that things unravel, leading towards and ending which will shock even those who've seen it several times, such is the power of the reveal (and the stuff of nightmares too).

Digitally restored, the film benefits from a crisp sheen, although the distorted soundtrack hasn't benefited from such mastery. The Blu-Ray offers a wealth of extra material too. An informative director's commentary, interviews, retrospectives and a terrific compressed version of the film (presumably for TV) produced by Danny Boyle.

Certainly a pretty decent package then; one you'll want to ignore the title of, buy and then look at a-plenty thank you very much.

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Special Features:

  • Audio Commentary with Nicolas Roeg
  • "Looking Back" Featurette
  • Excerpt from documentary Nothing Is as it Seems
  • Trailer
  • Compressed version of Don't Look Now (made by Danny Boyle for BAFTA tribute)
  • Interviews with Composer Pino Donaggio, Danny Boyle, Screenwriter/Producer Allan Scott, Cinematographer Tony Richmond and Donald Sutherland

Don't Look Now is released on DVD and Blu-Ray on July 4

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love this film. the scene where they get dressed to go out whilst making love is immense!

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