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Essential Ron Sexsmith

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Anyone who's heard any of Ron Sexsmith's music over the years or caught Douglas Arrowsmith's excellent doc

, about the recording of Ron's new album, will know the melodic Canadian songwriter is often touted as the finest tunesmith since Lennon and McCartney. However, despite counting Elvis Costello and Keifer Sutherland as fans, being played on The OC and gathering glowing reviews from critics for every album, Sexsmith has never become the household name his music deserves. These three albums should give you an essential guide to help rectify that.

The Newbie - Long Player Late Bloomer (2011)

Ron's latest pulls no punches in going for commercial acceptance. After years of writing endless seams of melody without heaps of recognition, Ron aims for Elton John-style ballads and uplifting tunes and succeeds wonderfully. The stunning 'Love Shines' and acoustic love gem 'Nowadays' make this a brilliant addition to his canon. Enjoy.

Key Track: '

is pretty much the archetypal Sexsmith single. Melody, melancholia and minor to major key changes mean you can't fail to want more.

The Classic - Retriever (2004)

Ron's finest moment so far came seven years ago with the excellent Retriever album. Starting with the smooth soul of 'Hard Bargain' and the pop of 'Not About to Lose', it's impossible not to feel the happy vibe deserves to be heard by anyone needing a lift.

Key Track:

combines some lovely lyrics with a great melody and shows just what Ron can do on form.

The Undiscovered Gem - Cobblestone Runway (2002)

Much like Will Fitzsimmons, what better way to get over the break-up of a marriage than create some beautiful music about it. Turning his pain into musical pleasure, 'These Days' brings us doo-wop soul while 'Up the Road' and opener 'Former Glory' sound classic on first listen.

Key Track:

showcases perhaps his most laid back Beatles-esque track to date.

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