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Soundblab Awards 2011 - Results

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Results time! Yes, it's time to announce the winners and not-quite winners of the second annual Soundblab Awards, voted for by our contributors, members and users. So, without further ado, below is a list of your new uber-fuhrers of music cool. Please post comments and frothing, badly punctuated abuse below. A shiny Soundblab cap will go to the first person to invoke Godwin's Law.

Best Album

Beach House - Teen Dream

Sometimes grace and beauty are enough to win the day. The Baltimore duo's third album had both in spades, along with a fragile, drifting sense mystery on songs such as 'Norway', 'Zebra' and 'Silver Soul', which engulfed the listener like mist on an autumn day. Aptly, it proved to be the group's breakout record. Magic.

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Runners up: Foals - Total Life Forever, Autechre - Oversteps, Harlem - Hippies

Best Single

Best Coast - 'Boyfriend'

Am I the only one who feels like shouting "OMG, girlfriend, he's so not worth it!" at the speakers every time I play this song, which is often. Lyrically, this song should make you want to do a bit of sick. From the mindless, drippy man-worship to the self-pitying references to "prettier and skinnier" girls, on paper it just sounds cringe-inducing. So why is it, in fact, so addictive? Well, that's partly down to the so-simple-it's-genius music: everything about it is just classic pop, from the introductory, arresting drum roll to the gliding, no-waste guitar solo. Then there's the fact that, frankly, we've all been there and when a song's as great as this, we don't mind being taken back to that painful/wonderful time for a few perfect minutes.

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Runners up: MEN - 'Credit Card Babie$', Harlem - 'Gay Human Bones', Kelis - 'Acapella'

Best Band

LCD Soundsystem

James Murphy's probably defunct collective may not have delivered their greatest album in 2010 - This is Happening couldn't measure up against Sound of Silver, but then what could? - but their final live lap of honour, coupled with sparkling electro-pop gems like 'I Can Change' and 'Home', was more than enough to make sure they burn brightly in our memories and record collections for a long time to come.

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Runners up: Summer Camp, Beach House, Three Trapped Tigers

Best Solo Artist

Joanna Newsom

Newsom's sprawling triple album, Have One on Me, was her most ambitious and impressive to date even as her famously, er, challenging vocal style became more accessible, less freaky. But she remains one of the most intriguing, esoteric artists around.

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Runners up: Flying Lotus, Toro Y Moi, Sam Beam (Iron and Wine)

Best Video

MEN - 'Off Our Backs'

Set in a desert for no obvious reason, the

to MEN's best song features some very sexy people involved in a tug of war while transgender icon JD Samson leads a gaggle of balaclava clad groupies in a sensual armpit-sniffing dance, giving her ample opportunity to flash her hairy pits. It's four minutes of sunshiny, silly, inspired fun which makes the song's putting-out-for-cash lyrics seem almost life-affirming. Also, did we mention the sexy people?

Runners up: Hunx & His Punx - 'You Don't Like Rock n Roll', Avi Buffalo - 'What's in It for', Kylie Minogue - 'All the Lovers'

Best Album Artwork

MEN - Talk About Body

The group's debut album featured stylishly designed photos of people naked except for flaps of trianglar cloth which enveloped their faces (and rude bits). It might have been a metaphor for how we can all fit together if we try, or that we're all naked individuals under our 'uniform' gender identities. Whatever; it looked cool and it make you think while you nodded your head to the music. You can't really ask for more.

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Runners up: Zola Jesus - Stridulum (II), Best Coast - Crazy for You, Caribou - Swim

Worst Album

The Script - Science and Faith

There's a special place in Pop Hell reserved for bands like The Script. It's roped off and only a select few make it in. It has many names, but we know it as the 'desperately-wants-to-be-huge-and-say-important-things-but-has-no-talent-so-just-ends-up-making-horrible-self-regarding-blustery-crap' section of Hades. The Script will be joining Johnny Borrell and Bono in there when the reckoning comes.

Runners up: One Night Only - One Night Only, Katy Perry - Teenage Dream, Klaxons - Surfing the Void

Worst Single

Travis McCoy - Billionaire

There are many, many, many things which annoy about this veritable bowel tumour of a song - the hideously limp cod-reggae music, the sub-stage school vocals, the fact that it could only ever appeal to first-class cunts. But here's the bit that really, epically gets on my wick every time I have the displeasure of hearing this aural dog fart: "I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine," yowls McCoy, "smiling next to Oprah and the Queen". Since when does the Queen give magazine interviews, McCoy? Since when?! I'm mean, it's not like she needs to promote herself - she's already the FUCKING QUEEN. Honestly, man, THINK. This song should have been called 'Brain Cell'. Fail.

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Runners up: Katy Perry- 'Teenage Dream', Katy Perry- 'Fireworks', Owl City - 'Fireflies'

Worst Band

Mumford & Sons

There's so much to hate about Mumford & Sons, it's hard to know where to start. Well, how about the fact that their weedy, drippy brand of folksploitation is so completely, blatantly fake, so clearly targeted at gormless 30-somethings mithering around Topshop on a Saturday afternoon, that every time you meet someone who says they actually like this band you can't help but lose a little respect for them, like they've just admitted they're afraid of immigrants or that Dairylea is their favourite cheese. It's not their fault. They're just clueless and they accept what they're given. In another lifetime they would have had Abba and that would have been great. But not now. Now they get this intestinal bilge made by some public school educated wanna-be-boho twit lying to you about his combine harvester and brandishing a CAMRA good ale guide like that makes him Bob fucking Dylan. It doesn't. It makes him disingenuous scum. Vote NO on Mumford & Sons, people.

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Runners up: The Script, My Chemical Romance, Beady Eye

Best Dressed

Hunx & His Punx

We're talking about a man who can rock a pencil moustache, a leopard print mankini and a fake fur stole and still

, backed by three big-boned beauties who look like they escaped from an early John Waters flick. In another, infinitely wiser universe everyone dresses like Hunx & His Punx. Here, everyone looks like Mumford & Sons. Clearly, something has gone wrong.

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Runners up: Coco Rosie, Kelis, Lady GaGa

Worst Dressed

Lady Gaga

One word: meatdress. Okay, that was a portmanteau at best.

Runners up: Mumford & Sons, One Night Only, Dappy (N-Dubz)

Best Newcomer


One of the most original underground pop personalities of the last decade on vocals. Tunes which combine synth-pop, dub and punk thrash. Righteously angry, witty lyrics about sexual politics. In a world of mediocrity, MEN are hear to save us all.

Runners up: Summer Camp, Best Coast, Lonelady

Soundblab Legend Award

Captain Beefheart

It's impossible - actually, impossible - to overstate the importance of Don Van Vliet and His Magic Band to modern music. He's up there with The Velvets, Bowie and Neu! Put simply, here's one of those artists where, once you start listening to them, their influence can be traced throughout whole swathes of your record collection. Trout Mask Replica, his mind-warping work of sonic innovation, rightly gets the props, but newcomers should also check out Safe as Milk, Clear Spot, Doc at the Radar Station and Ice Cream for Crow for clues about where your favourite bands got their crazy sounds. Van Vliet passed away last year, leaving the world a duller place.

Runners up: The Fall, David Bowie, Scott Walker

Best Floor-Filler

LCD Soundsystem - 'Drunk Girls'

'Drunk Girls' mixed The Velvets' 'White Light/White Heat', Bowie's 'Boys Keep Swinging' and Blur's 'M.O.R.' to generate this surging, uncomplicated punk-glitter stomp. Maybe not LCD's most sophisticated or innovative moment, but perhaps their best for jumping up and down with your mates in a club at 1am and shouting the chorus. Nowt wrong with that.

Runners up: Trash Kit - 'Cadets', Sleigh Bells - 'Infinity Guitars', Kelis - 'Acapella'

Best Live Act


Bradford Cox's band offer a bewildering mix of styles live: driving Krautrock, whimsical psychedelia, perfectly formed indie-pop, usually climaxing in extended, eardrum lacerating feedback. Can't beat that for a great night out, in Soundblab's book.

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Runners up: Low, Les Savy Fav, Beach House

Best Website



Runners up:,,

Additional material: Peter Sykes

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