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The Return of Angry Pop?

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With an economic crisis and a controversial Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government in power, will 2011 bring the return of 'angry pop'? Could the scathing spending cuts cause us to see a return to the people power and a national uprising of the 70s and 80s that led to the punk scene overtaking pop as the music, and voice, of the nation?

The Sex Pistols famously screeched, "Anarchy in the UK, it's coming sometime…", inspiring a legion of artists to follow including Siouxsie Sioux and Billy Idol. They took to their mics and the few chords they could belt out to tell the world their side of the uproar in social demur. The Specials spoke of a 'Ghost Town' during Thatcher's reign, while Rage Against the Machine took on corporate America in their cocktail of rap-metal-thrash.

Recent bands such as Radiohead, Coldplay and U2 have spoken out about government issues; all heavily influenced by anti-war campaigns in the early 00s. With the coalition creating mass-hysteria throughout an angry student community with the increase of University fees, could there be a revival of this?

Denmark activist band, New Politics, state that: "[we] think a lot of great acts get created in times like these. [We] see our human rights stripped away from us and it's frustrating. So, what better time and place than now?"

London band Needs Must back up this idea, claiming that, "now is as good a time as any to voice opinions of the way our country is being run. It seems people pigeonhole bands who want to have any inclusion of political lyrics in their songs and that's just wrong."

They add, "Governments the world over have managed to make people scared of having a voice and if, we or any other band, can maybe make a stand against it and influence others then that can only be a good thing."

So are we on the brink of a new wave of politically active artists? Now seems more relevant than ever to inspire and aggravate the Government into action; be it with a guitar in hand.

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