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Kitsune Maison: A Byword for Cool

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Over the last decade, Kitsuné Maison has become a byword for the kind of gold-dust cool cachet that most trucker cap wearing hipsters would gladly damage their nethers with suicidally skinny jeans to possess. Founded in 2002 by a clique of Parisian fashionistas, the clothes-label-come-record-label specialises in scuffed-up indie, sleek electro-pop and leftfield oddities. Aptly considering its name ('kitsune' is Japanese for fox, and in that country's mythology the animal has the power to change its appearance), the label casts its net far and wide, pulling in a roster of truly international acts whose differences somehow strengthen the Kitsuné Maison brand.

The list of bands and artists who have released records through the label basically reads like a who's who of music you've given a fuck about over the last decade. Need proof? How about: Chew Lips, Delphic, Fischerspooner, Hadouken!, Heartsrevolution, La Roux, Le Corps Mince de Françoise, Punks Jump Up, Rex the Dog, Simian Mobile Disco, The Teenagers, The Whip, Two Door Cinema Club, VHS or Beta and Yelle. And that's to name but a few.

However, that's just half the story. Like the best indie labels of legend, from Factory to Fast Product, Kitsuné Maison specialises in giving new acts the crucial boost they need to build a wave of grassroots approval which pushes them on to greater recognition. The Kitsuné Maison Compilationhas been running since 2005 and given vital early exposure to acts including Crystal Castles, The Drums, Digitalism, Foals, Hot Chip, Klaxons, Metronomy and Washed Out. These compilations have become must-haves for the kind of people who usually like put ennui and apathy at the very heart of their persona.

And the story's far from over: Kitsuné Maison 10 is upon us, featuring choice cuts from the likes of Teeth, Guards, May68 and Icona Pop plus contributions from new signings including London squat-poppers Is Tropical and Beataucue, two French teens who have already remixed Kylie.

There's probably some très cool French phrase that would sum up exactly what we want to say about Kitsuné Maison but Soundblab doesn't know it. So instead, enjoy these awesome downloads gifted to us by the label and be sure to get your grubby mitts on Kitsuné Maison 10.

Chateau - Housee De Racket

Me And Madonna [The Twelves remix] - Black Strobe

Moon Children - Palmbomen

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