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Storm the Charts

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Attempted 'chart revolution' draws near

After six months brewing, the 'Storm the Charts' download week starts Sunday 27th June. See below for a full list of the tracks aiming to take over the top 40.

Six months ago, the success of the campaign that drove Rage Against the Machine to number one inspired many imitators. Compared to most of these, the Storm the Charts campaign is trying to do something different... and arguably bigger.

The group - numbering over 30,000 members on Facebook so far - has chosen not one old favourite, but a list of 40 original songs from bands who aren't on major labels and haven't charted before. They are asking all music fans to check out the list and download any they'd like to see in the chart - or as many as they can - in hope of taking as many slots as possible for independents on the chart rundown of July 4.

20 of the 40 songs chosen, from nearly 600 artists who applied within weeks, came from an open public vote - the other 20 were chosen by the former Glastonbury Unsigned Competition listening panel (of which Storm the Charts founder Wes White is a past organiser). In all but the first week, luminaries of the independent music scene were invited to handpick tracks from this panel's shortlist.

The complete list of guest panelists who helped the core panel in a personal capacity is:

Tracy Morter (of 'Rage Against the Machine for Christmas number 1', and Save 6 Music)

Huw Stephens (of Radio One Introducing and Swn festival) 

Emily Eavis (of Glastonbury Festival)

Sofia Hagberg (of End of the Road festival)

Steve Henwood (of Glastonbury Festival bandstand and Bath Fringe)

Gareth Main (of Bearded Magazine),

Louise Dodgson (of The Unsigned Guide),

Adam Brooks (of Warp Records)

Louise Kattenhorn (producer of the legendary John Peel show)

Group founder Wes White is available for comment by email at
and will be onsite at Glastonbury Festival, please use the email to make first contact if you'd like to arrange an interview.

Check out the tracks and get downloading from this Sunday.

AC & Terra- Get Rowdy (desi refix)

Air Castles- Broken Watches

Ardentjohn - Follow Me

A Band Called Quinn- DIY

The Banana Sessions- Jukebox

Emily Barker and the Red Clay Halo- Nostalgia

Penny Black- Green

Olivia Broadfield- Don't Cry

Alex Dingley- Doors

Steven Finn- Hail to the Thief

Foxes!- Who Killed Rob?

The Grave Architects- The Bike Song

Heavy Load- Bruce Forsyth

Imp- Party

Inconsiderate Parking- Locked Out (again)

Keston Cobblers Club- You-go

Stephen Langstaff- Saw the Angels

The Lovedays- House of Cards

Donna Maciocia- Fists at the Sky

Mental Health- Bombastic Mind

Middleman- Good to be Back

Missing Andy- The Way We're Made (Made in England)

Miyagi - Cry Cry Cry

Morton Valence- Chandelier

My Luminaries- Parasol

Pocket Satellite- Toy Train

The Portland Authority- A New Year

Random Connection Quest- Acid Natsuiruka

Revere- We Won't Be Here Tomorrow

Rubika- Robots

Runaround Kids- Lois Interprets

Seven Summers- Way To Be

Shrag- Rabbit Kids

Steveless- The Obligatory Love Song

Toob- Unsound Skin

Tom Williams and the Boat- Concentrate

Woodpigeon- And As The Ship Went Down, You'd Never Looked Finer

Gabby Young and Other Animals- We're All In This Together

Yves Klein Blue- Polka

Zoey Van Goey- We Don't Have That Kind of Bread

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