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Chill In

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The Big Chill House, on Pentonville Road, has fast become one of London's Meccas for electronic music ranging from dubstep to hip hop, 80s-referencing synth pop to intelligent dance. The venue, which used to be a Mean Fiddler before Big Chill took it over, has recently played host to much-hyped acts like Joy Orbison and Egyptian Lover as well as up-and-coming indie bands Ou est le Swimming Pool.

Dan Garber from Cypher PR, which handles press for Big Chill House, says: "We've got the instigator of how things are produced, Mr Trevor Horn. He's coming up next week. He's going to do his first ever DJ set basically and he's going to bring some friends along, do some live stuff over the top so that's a really big coup having him there."

The venue is also known for its easy-going party vibe and non-scenesterish crowd. Visitors won't find themselves being judged on the coolness of their shoes or surrounded by the indier-than-thou here. Dan explains what first time visitors should expect: "Some clubs you go to and you've got musos there who stare intently at DJs or bands and they want to know exactly how they do it. It's more about watching it and judging it and you go to some pubs and people don't give a crap about the music. They're just dancing around and looking cool.

"The Big Hill House it's like the best bits of both. There're people who know about music and know what's going on in London but at the same time there're people who just want to have fun; it's a real mixture. All different creeds and walks of life. Brilliant atmosphere. There's the roof garden as well: they can expect to look out over London, smoke their cigarettes and buy some beer up there. And some really well programmed music."

So if you're interested in a night out at Big Chill House, you'll want to know what's coming up. Dan? "We've got some events going on in a little room called The Snug. We've got some cool, secret DJs and stuff going on up there which an addition to stuff going on. We're going to have a roof party on June 9. Toddla T's going to come down and play for that.

"We've got some really cool people coming up. We've got this band called Wolf Gang and Othello Woolf who are getting a lot of hype at the moment and with them is Primary 1. He's going to come down and do a DJ set. We've got the Klaxons coming down to DJ and Django Django and a new band called Disappearers. And we've got great transport links."

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