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Micky P Kerr & The Dudes Release New Single

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Michael Peter Kerr in his own words: “Michael Kerr is an Englishman/ to those who don’t know him he is a tall, dark and handsome stranger/to those of you do, he is tall, dark and handsome”

A dishevelled, acoustic-guitar wielding troubadour with a penchant for spoken-word pieces and songs about supermarkets, Micky P Kerr has been entertaining the good people of West Yorkshire for some time now.

Never one to take himself too seriously Kerr’s live performances have often seen him veer from poetic acoustic balladry to foul mouthed, tounge-in-cheek crudeness in one impressively effortless swoop. The drinking man’s John Cooper Clarke, Kerr and his band of Dudes continue to be a source of unpredictable, unpretentious fun around Leeds.

After a number of singles, Eps and even an album (2008s Home Brew) the band plan to release a brand spanking new set of songs under the name, Kerr in the Community. The usual mixture of comedy, politics, folk and pop songs can be expected while epic, prog-rock with neo-classical leanings seems less likely.

If you’re a fan of Flight of the Concords and their knowing nods to musical genres and their deeply felt appreciation of silliness then you’ll definitely find something to love here. 

The album’s preceded by their latest single, the brilliant yet not necessarily representative rock of ‘Big Bad City’. Just try and remember he’s not arrogant just genuinely better…….

Pre-order here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/big-bad-city-single/id998570326

Watch the video here: https://vimeo.com/124514277

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