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Aphex Twin dumps a motherload of unreleased stuff online – for free

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Aphex Twin continues to use online media to his own cheeky, surprising ends. Since the end of January, he, or someone claiming to be him (you can never be 100 per cent sure until the man himself confirms it) has been posting tracks on Soundcloud, most of them available to download for free.

Many of the tracks seem to be old tracks which have never officially seen the light of day before now.

The move follows his announcement of his first new album in more than a decade, Syro, with a link accessible only via darknet site Tor.

The wonderful thing about this latest development (apart from all the free music, obviously) is it lets us fans play at putting together our own Aphex Twin album, which is just the sort of pointless yet deeply fulfilling activity all music geeks love. Personally, I’ve been loving the tracks which sound like they could have slotted in nicely on Selected Ambient Works 85-92, Richard D James, or Come to Daddy. Your choices may well be totally different, of course, but that’s the fun of it.

So here are my recommendations for making the perfect ‘lost’ Aphex Twin album. And – oh, look! – you can find the tracks just over there to the right to download for free. Click on 'Play' for the rest of them or go here http://soundblab.com/tracks. You’re welcome.

bradley echoes


ny groove

fork rave

plinky plonk


jonny hawkes broken guitar[not finished]

organ epic

dance and play

square dance

blue carpet

(HAB un23)

notting hill bus

(vocoder disco)

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