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Welcome to the Year of Dial-A-Song

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Over the course of 2015, Brooklyn’s Ambassadors of Love, They Might Be Giants, will release fifty-two original recordings, one on each Tuesday of the month, for the entire year. On the last Sunday of each month, they will do their best to then play these original recordings at the Williamsburg Hall of Music in Brooklyn, New York, along with dozens of other songs, including the entirety of their seminal album, Flood, their 2007 Dust Brothers collaboration, The Else, their groundbreaking debut album and more.

Fifty-two songs. For most bands, that's about five albums worth of music; perhaps released over the course of ten years, seven or eight if the band is particularly industrious. That’s an entire career for some artists, but John Linnell and John Flansburgh (along with Dan Miller on guitar, Danny Weinkauf on bass, and Marty Beller on drums) are doing it in one year.

Why? Why would any band set such a ludicrous goal for themselves? Because this year marks the return of Dial-A-Song.

Originally a cassette answering machine in Flansburgh’s Brooklyn apartment, Dial-A-Song used to feature new studio tracks, demos, musical snippets, and bits of inaccessible esoterica from the band’s early career. Over the past thirty years or so, it’s become so much more, and, on January 6, it returns.

On the whole, I'm a pretty negative guy, seldom sated, often obnoxious, but how could I possibly complain about fifty-two brand new tracks (a portion of which will make up two new TMBG albums set for release this year; one for kids, one not for kids) from one of my favorite bands in one year, especially when one considers that the majority of my other favorite bands are wont to enjoy the occasional five-to-eight-year hiatus between albums (I’m looking at you Beck, Cake and Nine Inch Nails)?

I can’t. I am, literally, unable to.*

For a front-row seat to this hurricane of new stuff from They Might Be Giants, you can head over to the website (Dial-A-Song dot com), or, call the recently resurrected (if somewhat altered) phone number, (844) 387-6962**. Or, if you're feeling fancy, you can subscribe to TMBG's Dial-A-Song Direct service over at drip.fm.

And, if you're interested in a complete history of the original Dial-A-Song service, stop by the unofficial They Might Be Giants Wiki


* But check back in a few months, I'm sure I'll have found something to whinge about.

** It's free if you call from work.

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