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Rob Taylor: Best Independent Music Videos - A Selection

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To celebrate a milestone birthday on Saturday, I put together 150 music clips covering my life, and later got to thinking, why not broadcast a top 10 to the Soundblab Republic, and have a permanent record of the event ?


It's also holiday time and everyone loves a list, right?


So, here's 10 of my favourite alternative music videos of all time.



David Bowie - Heroes/Helden


The extended version, sung alternately in English and German, powerfully conveyed by images from the film Christiane F, a film about teenage prostitution, drug use and urban decay. Absolutely fucking brilliant, and perhaps places the song out of Visconti's context, nonetheless successfully eschewing romanticism in favour of desolation.


The Cramps - Tear It Up:


Bawdy, funny, and containing some great hip-swingin' psychobilly. Lux Interior takes to the stage in skimpy undies, gyrating his hips, masterbating against the speaker stacks, spitting sweat and bile at the audience, while Poison Ivy maintains an awesome riff while amusingly ignoring all her husband's display. Fucking hilarious. Ivy walks off in complete nonchalence at the end of the track.


The Monkees - Porpoise Song


When I was 19, a local cinema ran Head at special midnight sessions, and you were invited to bring your own bean-bags and spliffs. The atmosphere was as thick as the proponents of the film, and the distorted consciousness of the film complimented the mood. The clip is from the film.


Born in Xixax - Nina Hagen:


To be perfectly frank, I just loved, and still love the track, which makes even the 1980s seem progressive. Nina Hagen may have been a little odd looking, but she was a babe.


Black Bananas - Powder 8:


From 2014's album Electric Brick Wall, Jennifer Herrema's hair has to be seen to be believed, and the guitarist is a latter day Julian Cope lookalike. Really funky band, trippy clip.


Your Dirty Answer - Kristin Hersh


Very lo-fi clip of Hersh singing at a Borders store somewhere in the USA, but Hersh represents everything that's good about women and independent rock. She has attitude, voice, songwriting clout and presence. Sure, she looks a little out of it on meds on this one, but its a powerful and intimate performance.


The Gun Club - The Lie


Jeffrey Lee Pierce looks absolutely zoned out on downers but still manages to pull off a great punk performance by sheer weight and authority of his voice. Great song too.



Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit


Grace Slick is wooden, as if frightened by the prospect of a 10ft Alice, but she looks gorgeous, and the clip has all the hallmarks of what used to be known as 'psychedelic'.



Drive By Truckers - Zip City


A monster track, with great animations providing storybook images of the song's lyrics. For fans of great, god-fearing southern alt-rock.


Hunters and Collectors - The Slab


Full of iconic aussie imagery and a bastard of a song.

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