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Soundblab exclusive - free download of Ryker Sear's Wordless

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Ryker Sear, the melodic-rock duo of Regan Vincenza (vocals, rhythm guitar) and James Torselli (bass), are giving away their anthemic new track ‘Wordless’, b-side to recent single ‘Forever Criminal’, through Soundblab for a limited time.

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Erupting out of a quiet, atmospheric introduction built upon a bed of delayed guitar, it’s immediately apparent that ‘Wordless’ is a close relative of ‘Forever Criminal’. ‘Wordless’ is all about its big choruses and thundering kinetic energy. But for all its musical bravado, the track was actually born from a place of anxiety and apprehension, as Vincenza explains:

"‘Wordless’ is about those times when you want to defend yourself against nasty shit people are saying about you... But you feel scared, like your body just won’t let you talk. You are fighting to try and get the words out. Knowing that no on else can, you have to find the strength to speak up for yourself."

Both ‘Wordless’ and ‘Forever Criminal’ were produced under the watchful eye of Jamie Masters at Echo Studios, Buckingham. The tracks follow 2012’s Tell Me Why EP and 2013’s ‘To the Ending’. The duo also present a formidable force live, having recently supported Roger Hodgson (formerly of Supertramp) at Stowe Landscape Gardens.

Watch the video for ‘Forever Criminal’:

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