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Download a free album sampler from Song, By Toad Records

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Last week an excellent compilation CD arrived in the post, sent by Edinburgh's Song, By Toad Records. A sampler of their roster, it features 14 tracks from the likes of Virgin of the Birds and Sparrow & The Workshop, plus loads of bands you've never heard of but really need to.

They've very kindly agreed to share the album as a download here. So go ahead and show your support for a label that does a lot for the Edinburgh scene and whose motto is 'Because the world is WRONG about music'. What's not to like?

Here's the tracklist
1. Kenneth Williams - The Hour of Toad 00:21

2. Virgin of the Birds - Ilona You Should Still Be My Vampire Attendant 04:39

3. Jonnie Common - Photosynth 04:51

4. Animal Magic Tricks - Sex Acts 03:10

5. Kenneth Williams - What an Ass 00:10

6. David Thomas Broughton & Juice - Yorkshire Fog 03:53

7. Plastic Animals - Ghosts 04:47

8. Siobhan Wilson - Dear God 05:08

9. Kenneth Williams - When the Toad Came Home 00:23

10.Meursault - The Dirt & the Roots (2014 version) 03:23

11.In Heaven 04:28

12.The Leg - Switches 03:26

13.Kenneth Williams - Toad's Last Little Song 00:03

14.Sparrow & The Workshop - One Brush 02:21

Click here to check out their website and look out for a review of the new Virgin of the Birds album on Soundblab soon.

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