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Paradigms Recordings

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Paradigms Recordings is a London based mail-order label which specialises in releasing limited, beautifully packaged and consistently intriguing albums. It would be fair to say that Paradigms albums usually lean towards the experimental end of the scale. Just look at the genre labels they give some of their releases: nocturnal jazz, tantric doom, shamanic/drone folk and good old psych-rock. Now, I'm not even sure what constitutes as 'tantric doom' but you've got to admit, it sounds interesting.

It was the spoken-word, intense music of Heinali & Matt Finney which first brought me to the label and the CD release of The Cosmic Dead's debut album that sealed the deal. I have been hooked ever since. In 2013, Paradigms Recordings has released some of the finest albums you could hope to hear anywhere. From the powerful, Earth indebted eastern-drones of SHABDA and their debut album The Electric Bodhisattva to the post-punk/shoegaze magic of Sweden's Lovesilkpalemilk.

The label began life in 2006 with a mission statement to "develop a pure, eclectic yet focused record label outside of the standard confines of the regular label model". They've certainly created something special. It's also reassuring to know that in the age of the MP3, there are labels out there willing to release something so lovingly put together. The label is currently focussed on CD releases but is looking to expand into vinyl in the near future with a release by US Christmas (heavy psych-metal band) violinist Meghan Mulhearn. Should be worth a listen.

If you have a passion for music and like to give your ears an enjoyable challenge than you will discover plenty of great music through Paradigms. Some of it may even change your life. In a time where physical releases are undoubtedly on the decline Paradigms still looks strong, offering something limited and special to those of us still willing to invest.

I will give the last few words to Paradigms: "As long as we're unearthing new, esoteric music and there are a few people interested in hearing what we do, then long shall Paradigms continue, along whatever path we decide to venture."

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