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Dylan Carlson UK Tour Preview

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This could be your chance to witness something truly special. Dylan Carlson (aka Earth) has been making strikingly unique instrumental music for a long time now. The Earth moniker has become synonymous with a certain sound, yet Carlson's music has developed and evolved over the years, pushing expectations well past the narrow confines of 'drone'. Carlson's sound is informed by jazz, Ennio Morricone, the avant-garde, folk, psychedelia, rock and the novels of Cormac McCarthy. It really does go beyond easy categorization.

Carlson has been particularly prolific these last few years. Earth released an exceptional, career defining set of albums entitled Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light which should be heard by every music fan. Carlson also started to release songs under a new moniker, drcarlsonalbion. This was a particularly great surprise as not only did it see Carlson coupled with a vocalist and interpreting songs by PJ Harvey and The Kinks, but it also revealed Carlson's deep appreciation of Britain, in particular English folklore. Carlson's influences are certainly diverse and this goes someway to explain why he is one of the most unique guitarists of the last couple of decades.

For those off to the Leeds date; there probably isn't a better venue in Leeds to watch Dylan Carlson then The Left Bank. Carlson's music has always used a sense of space to convey gravity and it's not hard to imagine how impressive it will all sound bouncing around the walls of a huge converted church. Carlson's music is meditative and hypnotic, transporting the listener to a little inner-world of their own making. Please don't be put off by the (rather inadequate) 'drone' moniker as it really doesn't come anywhere close to describing what he does these days. I haven't seen Carlson solo before so this show could throw up all kinds of nice surprises. It's going to be beautiful so don't miss out.

Here are the tour dates:

Mon 14-Oct-13 Bristol, The Exchange
Tue 15-Oct-13 Leeds, Left Bank
Wed 16-Oct-13 Manchester, Soup Kitchen
Thu 17-Oct-13 London Lexington (w/Thurston Moore) *Matinee 5-8pm TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE*
Thu 17-Oct-13 London Lexington (w/Thurston Moore) *Main show 8pm SOLD OUT*

Earth will be playing an exclusive show at Unsound Festival in Krakow, Poland, on October 19, alongside Monolake, King Midas Sound, Eyvind Kang and Altar of Plagues among others. The lineup for this show is composed of Dylan Carlson (guitar), Adrienne Davies (drums) and Bill Herzog (bass). In other Earth news, there is a new album in the pipeline, with further details to arrive in good time.

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