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A Guide to Soundblab Lists


Public Lists vs Profile Lists

When you create a list it is stored on your Profile page. The best lists are then promoted by Soundblab and made Public. This means they are visible throughout the site and on the home page.

How does my list get promoted?

We look for lists that will appeal to everyone. Think about your list title and make it appealing. For example, a title of ‘Lou Reed - Every album ranked’ is more likely to get promoted. A title of ’My favourite Lou Reed albums’ won’t be promoted. Using ‘My’ in the title implies your list is personal, not public.

I don’t want my list to be made Public, how do I stop this?

If your list isn’t quite finished, or you just want to keep it to yourself, just drop us an email and let us know.


Request a URL change

I changed the title of my list but the URL stays the same, how do I change this?

The title of your list makes up your URL. To avoid 404 errors this doesn’t change if you change your title. If your ‘Top 50’ becomes a 'Top 100', get in touch and request a URL change. We'll make sure your list is still found under the old URL.


More FAQs

Can I share my profile list?

Yes, Profile lists are still live and can be shared across social media.

How do I edit my list?

Go to your profile and click the list, you will then see an Edit button at the top, near the title.

How many lists can I create?

As many as you like. Use this feature to catalogue your entire record collection if you like.

Can I only create lists of Albums?

At this time yes. If this feature is successful, we aim to expand it so you can create lists with Youtube videos and also upload your own images to create lists of just about anything, such as ‘Top Festival performances of 2019’. Visit our Donate page to support future development.

I have an idea for a list but another member posted something similar, can I still post mine?

Yes. We may wait a while before promoting yours but you can still share it from your profile.


If you have any further questions, get in touch here.