Television - Marquee Moon
Television - Marquee Moon

Television - Marquee Moon

Isn’t amazing how the birth of indie rock can be traced all the way back to 1977? The 70s were already the genesis (and to some, apex) of punk music and all of its subsequent offshoots. During the 70s there was no shortage of legendary acts churning out would-be classics at a rapid-fire rate: Iggy Pop delivered four LPs that would change the face of punk music, two with the Stooges, and two solo efforts; Joy Division would birth post-punk and goth rock with Unknown Pleasures, The Ramones were banging out repeated young anthems and lets not forget the Clash released their three most revered albums at the tail end of the decade. Yes, the 1970s were THAT great.

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Bob Coyne posted a comment in Television - Marquee Moon
I didn't get this album at first. Back in the day when you bought an album on reputation only, befor...
Steve Ricciutti posted a comment in The Clash - London Calling
Perfect review. I agree with every word. Fucking brilliant, Kevin.
Mark Moody posted a comment in Purple Mountains - Purple Mountains
Thanks Andy. It's right up there with his other work and makes clear how much he's been missed....