Deerhunter - Microcastle/Weird Era Cont.
Deerhunter - Microcastle/Weird Era Cont.

Deerhunter - Microcastle/Weird Era Cont.

A coworker of mine once approached my cubicle – this was a while back – and held up a copy of the Nine Inch Nail’s Pretty Hate Machine and uttered the line “Sometimes it’s just a Pretty Hate Machine day.” We shared a laugh, and it became apparent that her day was filled with frustration, and the only aphrodisiac was Trent Reznor’s most volatile work. This stuck with me for quite some time, and for her anniversary a few years later I presented her with the only album that I went to when I was feeling frustrated – Microcastle which to this day is still packaged with its companion piece Weird Era Cont.

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Really enjoyed this article like I'm really enjoying the album. I don't know why Tim Rutili isn't hu...
Well said! A true classic in every sense of the word.
Love it! Really looking forward to hearing a new album from them