Iron & Wine - Tampa Theatre, Tampa, Florida
Iron & Wine - Tampa Theatre, Tampa, Florida

Iron & Wine - Tampa Theatre, Tampa, Florida

The last time Sam Beam (aka Iron & Wine) came through town, it was a solo show.  That’s a bit of an underwhelming statement compared to the reality of it.  At that show, Beam strode on stage with acoustic guitar to much applause, paused and asked: “What do you want to hear?”  That was the format for the next ninety minutes and it was amazingly intimate and effective.  Some kid in his dad’s lap yelled out for ‘Dead Man’s Will’ and left me with nothing to do but be awed.  There was no buffer between Beam and his audience that night many years ago, and though he had a four-piece primarily acoustic band in tow this time, the wall between artist and fan remained very transparent.

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